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Professional & Business Growth for Yoga Teachers.

Are you a passionate, independent yoga teacher who would like to make a living as an entrepreneur?

Welcome, you are in the right place!

As independent yoga teachers, we were rarely taught to think and act as business owners.

We have important roles in society, helping others to live better lives and yet, we can’t find the way to make a living of our passion. Often, we let go of that dream due to the lack of tangible results and so we end up finding a *real job* to pay the bills. Furthermore, we get caught up with the belief that it is not possible to make a living doing what we love the most.

Is that you?

The yoga, fitness and wellness industries generate millions while we, as independent professionals, have troubles to start finding our first clients.

This is why having some systems, strategy and mindset in place, and learning about the business side of our industry  is necessary.

Don’t worry if this feels daunting to you.

I am here to help you!

Featured at The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast.

Featured at The Marketing Yoga with Confidence Podcast

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