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Business Growth for Yoga & Wellness Professionals.

Welcome! Are you a passionate yoga or wellness professional looking to grow your business?

You are in the right place!

As a yoga and/or wellness professional, you have a highly important role in society, helping others to live better lives. Yet, I bet you were never taught how to professionalize your passion during your training.

Nobody taught you how to think and act as a business owner, so that you have more chances to make a decent living doing what you love.


Is that you? I FEEL YOU!


…and here is a truth bomb my friend:

The yoga, fitness and wellness industries make millions while independent yoga & wellness professionals have troubles finding their first clients or even  getting a decent salary 🧐.

This is why learning about the business side of wellness and yoga (even if you don’t own a studio!) is necessary.

Don’t worry if this feels daunting to you.

I am here to help you!

Who am I and why I do what I do?

I am Manu and you can learn about my story and my WHY here.

Also, if you love podcasts (as I do), here are a couple of places I have been sharing some tips that might be helpful!

Featured at The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast.

Featured at The Marketing Yoga with Confidence Podcast

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